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再来谈谈他的教学内容吧,由于我听的是小学数学,这方面的内容我还是比较熟悉的,毕竟我还是学霸。这个课程呢貌似是针对小升初,你们知道他教了些什么吗?教巧算?还用了大量的时间?我想说,教这些东西有什么意义?更夸张的来了,教学内容里面,居然还有数列这种东西(最简单的等差数列)还Sn都来了,我想问你是小升初还是小升高?数列?excuse me?你那么厉害咋不教他们函数呢?咋不教他们等比数列呢?咋不教他们正弦余弦正切呢?

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It is estimated that most of the people now think of this break things have heard it, including a class teacher is to understand the learning and thinking, make up classes? This kind of thing should not appear in the student's field of vision, to be honest, really is no use, even if there is, is insignificant.
Learn and think it is, it is fire right, I through some channels, listening to a few primary school math class, what the so-called top class? Or upgrade classes? Forget, a teacher to write the ugly words, teaching methods, it is live, but the teacher will not interact with the students, anyway, is to speak their own, with the language is not standard.
Let me talk about his teaching content, because I listen to primary school mathematics, this content is still more familiar with me, after all, I still a excellent student. This course looks like a small rise early, you know he taught what? Teaching? Also spent a lot of time? What do I mean by teaching these things? More exaggerated to the contents of the teaching inside, there are still a number of such things (the most simple difference between the series) also Sn have come, I would like to ask you is a small rise or a small increase? sequence? Do not you teach them to compare the numbers? Ye do not teach them sine cosine tangent?
I just want to say a word, the basic operation of primary school students are a difficult, back to others to instill high school content? Is it to enhance or to confuse their knowledge network?
Teach them even if the bar, and then visit their official website, and then look at the amazing cost of the course, I do not care about those who learn from the come from, I only know that most are speculation up, maybe Will spray me, I just want to answer you one, the real excellent student does not exist make up this kind of thing, Fancy.eight words: a waste of time, more harm than good.
I wrote so much, are my personal experience after listening to the book, please press the Alt + F4 , thank you. Do not engage in these useless, and with these make up time to read more books review, both easy and effective.
Like to make up classes to investigate how many people make up the lessons after the upgrade can be a large section? In short, these things are based on the interests of the core.


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